Order a Ticket Zaanse Schans

Ticket Zaanse Schans

Come visit a famous freely accessible heritage area in the Netherlands! Experience the Zaanse Schans and walk past its windmills, green wooden houses, handicraft shops and industries, which for centuries have been the hub of world trade. Enrich your experience by purchasing Ticket Zaanse Schans. Ticket Zaanse Schans gives access to the Zaans Museum, Weaver’s House, Cooperage, Museum Zaanse Tijd, Heritage Chambres Kalverringdijk, Windmill Museum, the windmills which are open, digital audio tour and use of toilet utilities. Access to other locations and the area remains free of entrance.

Millions of visitors have seen the Zaanse Schans
Unique and authentic since 1961

Ticket Zaanse Schans

Ticket Zaanse Schans gives you access to:


Discover the impressive power of the wind when the Zaanse mills are in operation. Learn about the production process and operation of mills from the enthusiastic millers.

World of Windmills museum

Dive into Zaanse industrial mill history at the Mill Museum and discover world-class Dutch heritage. A multimedia journey through time for young and old.

Zaans Museum and the Verkade Experience

The rich history and art of the Zaan region can be seen at the Zaans Museum, where every corner tells a story. Experience the magic of the Verkade Experience and step inside an authentic ‘Willy Wonka’ biscuit and chocolate factory from the early twentieth century. Let yourself be transported through time and experience Verkade's sweet history in a unique way.

Zaan Time Museum

Step inside the Zaan Time Museum and discover the fascinating world of the Zaan clock industry, where every timepiece tells a story. Immerse yourself in the rich history of the Zaan region and the master craft of the clockmaker.

Tiemstra’s Coopery

At the Coopery, you can experience barrel-making craftsmanship, using authentic tools and machines from the cooperage of S.R. Tiemstra en Zonen from Oostzanerwerf. Thanks to Jaap Tiemstra's fully intact workshop, this old craft has now been revived in all its glory on the Zaanse Schans.

Weavers’ house

The Weavers' House was home to two families in the 18th century, who lived among five looms and worked on the art of sail and mill cloth weaving.

The Heritage Chambres Kalverringdijk

Come inside and imagine yourself a real merchant in this Zaanse merchant's house from 1650. The building has been enlarged and embellished over the centuries to match the Empire style of the 1800s.

Digital audio tour

Step back in time and experience the heyday of Western Europe's first industry with our interactive audio tour, which guides you past the iconic mill panorama and authentic residential districts and warehouses. Journey through the history and culture of the Zaan region in both Dutch and English.


Ticket Zaanse Schans gives you free access to toilets in the Zaanse Schans.